Therapy as Sailing a Boat

If you have had therapy before, you probably have your own metaphors that embody what it feels like. However, if you are new to the world of therapy, it may be helpful to think about it as a sea voyage. Journeys have become an overused way of describing something during the last couple of decades,

Finding the Middle Ground 

It is Monday morning and, having watered the greenery in my office, I sit down, ready for the first therapy session this week. What my online clients can’t see is the view out of the window in front of me – the huge London sycamore framed by the uninterrupted square pane of glass. John* joins

Beneath the Surface of You

When we encounter a stressful situation which takes time to resolve, we tend to reach back to coping strategies learned in childhood. This reminds me of the title of Jenny TeGrotenhuis’ recent article on the John Gottman blog – “Under stress we all regress.” There is nothing wrong with coping strategies per se. The problem

Separation – a Binary Choice?

Sometimes separation presents us with a binary choice: to open up to exploring what is not working in a current relationship or to walk away from it. Neither is an easy option. Each one offers unique challenges. Exploration only works if both partners are prepared to be honest and truthful – a risk difficult to