Nearly everyone can think of at least one childhood experience which has left a lasting trace. We increasingly talk about the impact of adverse childhood experiences on our adult lives. There is strong evidence that adverse childhood experiences correlate with mental ill health, addictive behaviour and relationship issues.

Therapy is personal and experiential.  Even though the reasons for starting therapy can be classified as a set of symptoms, a traumatic life event or a sense of impasse in the present, each therapeutic journey is different and unique. In my view, this is the reason why we have a plethora of psycho therapeutic theories and approaches – namely to use theory carefully and tentatively to understand what might be happening and definitely not to fit reality into theory.

So what might therapy look like for you?

We hold the present as our starting point – you may be having a difficult time with a relationship, at work, with your health. Or there may not be a clear reason for the way you are feeling, just a vague or not so vague sense that something needs to change. You may have developed a coping mechanism which is creating new problems for you rather than solving existing ones.

We acknowledge that we are where we are right now and build on this with emerging insights about the role of the past. We visit the past carefully and respectfully, but we do not dwell there longer than necessary – we always return to the present moment, our main reference point.

From here we also look at the future and the changes it may bring both within you and around you.

Although I am trained in multiple psycho therapeutic approaches, my preferred way of working is to create a different integrative matrix for each person I work with. The only constant is an engaged relational “facing each other” interactive style.

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